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We at Myflightfinder have been lucky enough to travel to many places across the globe with California in the United States being one of our very favourites. On the 14th April 2019 me and my fiancee flew out to San Francisco taking on the 504 miles down highway 1 to San Diego. Throughout this blog I’ll mention lots of little towns and cities to check out. The Sunshine state is the most populous of all 50 states in the U.S being home to approx 40 million residents. At roughly 1.7 times the size of the U.K you’ll probably get a feel for the sheer scale of the size of the state. I would love to think our flight subscription service will inspire others to travel and help them get cheap flights just as we do. So more on our road trip…

After spending night 1 in San Francisco getting some rest for our 2 weeks ahead we headed the 73 miles down to Santa Cruz. Here you should check out the famous Santa Cruz boardwalk where you’ll find many rollercoasters and attractions for people of all ages. There’s a chilled vibe in Santa Cruz which would appeal to many that just want to put their feet up on the beach and take in the sun.

17 mile drive as it’s called was next on the itinerary, there you’ll stumble across places such as Monterey, Carmel by the Sea and the famous Pebble beach for you golf lovers out there. Monterey once the centre of the sardine packing industry is now a popular tourist hotspot that people usually head to when visiting it’s iconic aquarium. Carmel by the Sea is a small beach city for the more wealthy residents. Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of this city in 1986. Pebble beach alongside the other cities in this stretch down Monterey bay has absolutely stunning views and a must for travellers doing the drive down highway 1.

The Big Sur is a rugged stretch of forests and beaches and is the next part of highway 1 that takes you further south. It almost feels like your driving along the edge of a mountain for a good chunk of the drive, again though for me a place like no other. Sometime i feel like pictures and a description doesn’t do a place justice and this could be one of those.

Coming out of the Big Sur we headed towards the Los Padres national forest taking in Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. Wow, what an experience. Although gated and guarded there was still a strong vibe there and a shrine to Michael outside. Never did i think i would ever experience such an iconic place. This sums up California for me, so many places to visit and experience, so many iconic and famous venues and such a chilled out place all at the same time, there’s truly something for everyone here, not to mention lots of sun!

Before hitting our last stop of San Diego we spent the weekend in Santa Barbara. People may be familiar with this county as Prince Harry and his wife have upped sticks and moved out to this part of the world, i think that tells you a lot about another stunning city. Often branded as the “American Riviera” Santa Barbara is a mild mannered cultured area but expensive at that. We actually stayed at an Airbnb for this part of the stay to minimise costs of hotels.

San Diego was the final stop on our drive and didn’t disappoint as expected. We visited the San Diego zoo, a must for you animal lovers, the coves at La Jolla and even took a baseball game in at Petco Park. I’d advise to check these out on tripadvisor etc and see what takes your fancy as there’s so many things to do.

There were other places we passed along the way whether it was a small Danish themed town of Solvang or the big bright city of LA which i’ll look to do blog on in the future your constantly looking out for “where’s next.” The coastal drive in which we took is just a small look into this state and there’s so much more to do inland. Please feel free to get in touch for any more info on any of the places mentioned, subscribe to our new innovative flight finder service or help us find you a deal and plan your next adventure.

Many thanks, safe travels and remember to go where you feel most alive.


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