Commercial Partnerships

My Flight Finder’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, trustworthy resource for all travel-related things. We are passionate about finding the best travel solutions for any occasion and delivering high-quality information to our readers.

We employ a team of writers, editors, researchers, and other staff to maintain our high standards. We are supported by reader contributions through our affiliate partnerships with companies whose products we promote. However, we only promote links to companies we have thoroughly vetted and deemed safe and trustworthy, with the responsibility of maintaining these standards falling on our Commercial Partnership Manager.

Our Preferred Brands
As a primarily UK-based resource, we love to promote UK brands, though we also work with international suppliers. Our top priority is working with brands that produce high-quality products that are safe for use and consumption, with exceptional customer service and accessibility. Our preferred brands become our trusted partners; you can find them listed here.

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We’d love to hear from you if you’re a brand with a high-quality product and excellent customer service, and would like to discuss potential partnerships! Please get in touch with to learn more about working with us.